Duracelan Fabric Specialists

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning.

Our truck mounted equipment is designed specifically to clean hard surfaces to provide sufficient heat and pressure to remove ground-in dirt out of even the roughest, most uneven surfaces. Our unit can produce both high heat and high pressure simultaneously. Therefore, not only cleaning but also sanitizing the surface and the grout.

Commercial Tile Cleaning.

We can take dirty, grimy, stained tile and grout and bring them back to life as we pass over it with our specialized equipment.

Residential Tile Cleaning.

The high-pressure hot water and environmentally friendly cleaning agents leave a tile surface so clean that you won't believe your eyes. Whether you have a tile floor, tile walls, bathroom, shower stall or other surface, we can achieve amazing results.

Grout Sealing.

Non Abrasive, will not scratch or damage polished, stained, painted or natural stone surfaces. Extends the life of your grout by destroying acidity (winter salts, soils, grease) and with an application of sealer, protects your investment.