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Carpet Cleaning Including Wool, Oriental & Area Rugs

Carpet Cleaning.

Maintain the beauty of your carpet by cleaning it regularly before it becomes excessively soiled. Dirty, airborne particles may be deposited on carpet, causing dulling. Dulling is caused by the deposits of all types of soil. Duraclean uses a State of the Art Truck Mount cleaning system to remove dirt and soil deep into the carpet fibers. Duraclean uses environmentally safe solutions that clean and protect your carpet using Duraclean's patented Foam Absorption method. It gently cleans and allows for faster drying times.

Clean Carpets Improve Health.

Keep your carpets clean to maintain a healthy evnironment. Ask Duraclean about Green Cleaning for relief of ashtma and allergies symptoms. Apply Durashield soil and stain retardant to keep carpets clean between profession cleanings.

Sensitve Wool & Oriental Rugs.

Wool & Oriental Rugs need professional cleaning to maintain the vibrant beautiful colors and to re-establish the natural nap of your rug. Professional cleaning of your fine and sensitive fibers prevent shrinkage and will lengthen the life of your investment.

Area Rugs.

Duaclean recommends cleaning all area rugs, oriental or domestic, should be cleaned annually. If there are constant pet issues or accidents on area rugs, it is better to have them cleaned more than annually.